This website was created to track most MAJOR construction projects under development in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. 

Projects presented on this website are either under construction, proposed, under review or on-hold. 

This website will use various media (ie. video, photos, renderings, newspaper, magazine and blog articles, animations, drone footage, tweets, social media, webcams, live feeds as well as architectural, construction and developer websites) to illustrate and validate a project's imminence and progress.

This website will be updated frequently - especially when new MAJOR projects are announced - so please check back often.

Construction activity in Metro St. Louis has been fairly vibrant lately so this website - by no means - completely represents overall construction activity happening in the Metro St. Louis area.

If you know of a MAJOR project that's missing or one you would like to see "tracked" and represented on this website, please feel free to visit the 'CONTACT' page. Please send information and links.

Also, please visit ' OUR PEERS'  page in order to gather additional information and updates about other projects in Metro St. Louis.

Thanks for visiting CRANETRACKERSTL.com